Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas Day, that’s no surprise;
It comes around each year.
And yet, we worry, “Much to do!”
Our hearts seem full of fear.

But why? When such a joyous day;
And one so full of love!
Have we forgotten that great gift
God sent from up above?

With gifts to buy and food to cook
And halls that must be “decked”,
It’s easy to lose focus
As we do what folks expect.

But as we scurry here and there
Preparing for the day,
We must remind ourselves again
Of what the angels say:

We bring good tidings of great joy!
A child is born today!
The Father sends the Prince of Peace --
Hallelujah and Hooray!

It’s Christmas Day! A wondrous gift!
Let’s celebrate again.
A babe was born, a precious child;
Salvation for all men!

Sue Wilson